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Rectangular Aluminum Semi Rigid Duct MDTS 130

Rectangular Aluminum Semi Rigid Duct (SAMCO-140R)

Rectangular Aluminum Semi Rigid Duct (SAMCO-140R) is a rare product in the HVAC industry. It was developed and designed by us specifically for the Indian Rail Coaches on request of Indian Railways. 


The Rectangular Semi Rigid Duct (SAMCO-140R) is made of a special Aluminum Alloy that prevents corrosion and fatigue. The special patented machine developed by Samco Flex Ducts® produces a continuous lock seam that allows the duct to be pulled open, bent, compressed and re-bent without developing fatigues and leakages.


Rectangular Aluminum Semi Rigid Duct (SAMCO-140R) manufactured by Samco Flex Ducts® is specially designed and manufactured in accordance to the following standards and regulations -:

  • BS 476 Part 5, Part 6 & Part 7

  • ASTM E-84

  • NFPA 90 A & 90 B

  • RoHS (Restriction of Harmful Substances)

  • MDTS-130 Rev_01 of Indian Railways


  • Temperature Range: -73°C to 224°C

  • Maximum Velocity: 5000 FPM

  • Permeance: Zero

  • Fire Rating: Class 'O' as per UL-723

  • Flame Speed: Non - Flammable

  • Smoke Developed: Zero

  • Pressure: 2000 Pa

  • Environmental Standard: RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)


​• Complete air-tight duct systems.
• Simple on site assembly.
• No fabrication of parts required on the job.
• Easy availability of accessories to permit speedy installation.

• Clean, efficient and fast installation.
• Increased airflow.
• Lifetime durability.
• Premium quality at an affordable cost.

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