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Void Forming Spiral Tubes

Void Forming Spiral Tubes

Samco Flex Ducts® is a leading manufacturer of Void Forming Spiral Tubes and Bridges Void Former in India.

Void Forming Spiral Tubes were specially designed and developed by Samco Flex Ducts® in collaboration with AECOM and Larsen & Toubro for NHAI and IRC. Specific machineries were designed and developed by Samco Flex Ducts® to manufacture Void Forming Spiral Tubes.

The "specially patented" Void Forming Spiral Tubes manufactured by Samco Flex Ducts® are very rigid but yet light weight. They easily withstand existing forces during the pouring of concrete and are fully leak proof, which prevents water from the concrete to enter into the tubes. The light weight of our Void Forming Spiral Tubes makes them easier to handle during the installation process.

Samco Flex Ducts® has completed over 100+ NHAI Highway projects in collaboration with AECOM in India.

Approved By
• NHAI (National Highway Authority of India)
• AECOM (American multinational infrastructure consulting firm)

• IRC (Indian Road Congressional)

Please Note: Mobile machine also available on the project site for manufacturing at the project site.

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