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Rectangular TDF Ducts

Rectangular Pre-Fabricated Duct and Fittings

Samco Flex Ducts® a leading manufacturer of Flexible Ducts in India and Asia - Pacific has now introduced a complete line of standard, commercial and industrial Rectangular Pre-Fabricated Ducts for HVAC Air Distribution Systems designed to meet all standard and customized specifications and offers best in class efficiency and durability.

The state of the art fully automated manufacturing plants of Samco Flex Ducts® are equipped with the latest cutting edge U-Shape Auto Duct Line - 6 which is completely autonomous and requires no manual intervention / operation during the manufacturing process. This helps us to achieve unmatched precision and accuracy in the product manufacturing.

Rectangular Pre-Fabricated Ducts manufactured by Samco Flex Ducts® are specifically designed and manufactured as per SMACNA, IS - 655, 1963 & 2006 and ASHRAE 90.1 guidelines and recommendations.

Rectangular TDF Duct Fittings
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