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Spiral Flat Oval Ducts

Samco Flex Ducts® a leading manufacturer of Flexible Ducts in Asia - Pacific manufactures complete line of standard, commercial and industrial Spiral Flat Oval Duct and Fittings designed to meet all standard and customized specifications.

Spiral Flat Oval Ducts manufactured by Samco Flex Ducts® are specifically designed and manufactured as per SMACNA, IS - 655, 1963 & 2006 and ASHRAE 90.1 guidelines and recommendations.

Spiral Flat Oval Ducts are designed for restricted space conditions that have low head room and cannot accept Round Spiral Ducts. 

Spiral Flat Oval Ducts and Fittings

• Length: can be customized as per project
• Material: GI, Mild Steel, Aluminium and SS 


• Spiral Flat Oval Duct air tight structure ensures less air leakage, improved air flow and     reduced noise that makes it highly recommended for indoor use.

• Spiral Flat Oval Duct has consistent internal pressure which enables air to flow smoothly and in turn allows maximum ventilation inside the duct.

• Spiral Flat Oval Ducts offer much cleaner air quality as compared to traditionally used rectangular ducts as Spiral Flat Oval Ducts don’t allow any air inside or outside them.

• Rectangular ducts have pressure difference inside them which leads to unwanted noise at times. Spiral Flat Oval Ducts have constant and equal air pressure throughout them which makes them much quieter.

• When installing Round Spiral Ducts and Spiral Flat Oval Ducts you can save up to 27% indoor space and up to 47% duct installation costs.


• Air Conditioning (High Pressure & High Velocity Distribution System).
• Used for Heating, Ventilation and Air - Conditioning in industries as well as in commercial spaces.

• Used for Dust Removal and Fume Exhaust.
• Used in Grain Handling and Material Conveyance.
• Humidification.

Spiral Flat Oval Ducts
Spiral Flat Oval Ducts
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