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Aluminum Semi Rigid Duct (SAMCO 140A)

The Samco Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct is constructed using a special aluminum alloy that prevents corrosion and metal fatigue. The machine fabrication produces a continuous lock seam that allows the duct to be pulled open, bent, compressed and re-bent without developing fatigues or leakages. Our aluminum duct does not delaminate or die out when it is heat aged and can be installed with severe bends and in unlimited lengths while maintaining an unrestricted diameter.

Performance Data :-

Temperature Range: -73°C to 224°C
Maximum Velocity: 5000 FPM

Recommended Operating Pressure:-

  • 4" to 10" Diameter: Maximum Positive and Negative: 12" w.g.
  • 12" to 18" Diameter: Maximum Positive and Negative: 8" w.g.

Advantages -:

  • Complete air-tight duct systems
  • Simple on site assembly
  • No fabrication of parts required on the job
  • Easy availability of accessories to permit speedy installation
  • Clean, efficient and fast installation
  • Increased airflow
  • Lifetime durability
  • Premium quality at an affordable cost

Physical characteristics :-

  • Maintains unrestricted diameter in radius.
  • Will not drop between 6 feet supports.
  • Will not break, leak, deliminate or dry rot when pulled open, bent, re-bent, re-compressed, heat aged or cycled with moist or dried air.
  • Standard I.D. diameters: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,14,16,18 inches.
  • Standard Lengths: 3.0 meter and is compressed in 1.0 mtr
  • Compression Ratio 3:1