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Rectangular Flexible Duct (Samco 30R)

Samco Rectangular Flexible Duct , is a rare product in the HVAC industry. Samco being an expert Flexible Duct manufacturer, provides Rectangular Flexible Duct.

It is made out of 2 layers of fire retardant aluminum foil, one layer of PET and strong steel wire structure. The special fire resistant glue is applied throughout the ducting consistently. It is an important product of the Flexible Duct category. Samco’s Rectangular Aluminum Flexible Duct has the same features as the round Aluminum Flexible Duct Samco30, such as the flexibility with 1:25 compression ratio.

This makes it easy to ship and save logistics cost. With all fire resistant materials, Rectangular Aluminum Duct can work well in range -30℃ to 150℃, with 3000pa max. operation pressure. The steel wire is either galvanized steel or stainless steel to ensure no rusting issue, and also healthy air.

This duct can be customized as per the requirements. It is easy to carry and fast to set on or remove. It can also work as a Duct transition between different sizes of rigid Rectangular Duct.