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Rectangular Aluminum Semi-Rigid Duct (SAMCO 140R)

Samco Class O Rectangular Semi-Rigid Aluminum Duct is a rare product in HVAC industry. Samco being an expert Flexible and Semi-Rigid ducts manufacturer provides Rectangular Semi-Rigid Aluminum Duct. The Rectangular Semi-Rigid Duct is made up of a special Aluminum Alloy that prevents corrosion and fatigue. The machine fabrication produces a continuous lock seam that allows the duct to be pulled open, bent, compressed and re-bent without developing fatigues and leakages.

Performance Standards -:

Maximum Velocity 5000 f.p.m. \ (25m/sec.)
Temperature Range -100 to 435 °F \ (-73 °C to 224 °C)
Permeance Near Zero

Advantages -:

  • Complete air-tight duct systems.
  • Simple on site assembly.
  • No on-site fabrication of parts required.
  • Easy availability of accessories to permit speedy installation.
  • Clean, efficient and fast installation.
  • Increased airflow.
  • Lifetime durability.
  • Premium quality at an affordable cost.

Physical characteristics -:

  • Will not drop between 6 feet supports.
  • Will not break, leak or dry rot when pulled open, bent, re-bent, re- compressed, heat aged or cycled with moist or dried air.
  • Size can be customized as per the customer requirements.
  • Standard Lengths: 3 meter