Samco Flex Ducts Private Limited


We are a manufacturer of ducts and duct accessories for solving challenging industrial and specialist connection tasks. Our expertise lies in the manufacturing of sophisticated, high-quality ducts.

Our vision is the national and international market leadership in all of our relevant markets


To fulfill our vision, we produce customized and sophisticated products with high customer value and also provide these together with our renowned application knowledge to all our customers worldwide.

This service-oriented marketing strategy sets us apart from other duct manufacturers.


We try to achieve, maintain and further underline our status as a reliable and credible partner with our business partners.

Our customers appreciate our dedication and inventiveness. We are committed to applying resource-effective processes.We pledge to adhere to all legal regulations at all of our sites. We ensure high standard of quality and work to continuously improve our products.


Our customers seek solutions for their industrial and specialist ducting tasks.

We support them by:

  • • Providing high-quality services through our highly efficient customer-oriented sales team.
  • • Sharing our application knowledge, flexibility and quick responses when Sales and R&D experts are working on solutions.
  • • Delivering punctually and with faultless quality
  • • Developing a great working relationship with mutual respect, which is not focused on sealing a fast deal.

Our customer’s loyalty and satisfaction is the key to the growth of our company.


We expect our employees to be dedicated, to bring their ideas and to act responsibly. We create a safe, secure and a family-friendly working environment. Our Management aims to enhance the diversity of our employees and support their professional development.


We maintain close and long-term relationships with our suppliers. However, we try to avoid dependencies. That's the reason we pursue a balanced diversification of our supply base