Samco Flex Ducts Private Limited

Samco Flex Ducts® a leading manufacturer of Flexible Ducts, Semi-Rigid Ducts and Spiral Ducts in India and Asia-Pacific, was established in 2007. We specialize in manufacturing Insulated Flexible Ducts, Uninsulated Flexible Ducts, Aluminum Semi-Rigid Ducts and Spiral Ducts. The state of the art fully automated manufacturing facilities of Samco Flex Ducts® are equipped with U.S sourced machines which enables us to manufacture best in class Ducts. Our Ducts offer unmatched quality and reliability.

Satisfied customers return to Samco Flex Ducts® over and over as a solution provider, demonstrating their confidence in our products and services. We offer Ducts to meet just about any need. Our company's products benefit from an engineering department that employs the most advanced technology with an aim towards satisfying every technical requirement.

With the in-depth knowledge and experience of a vast network of our sales team, engineers and technicians, Samco Flex Ducts® can transform even the most difficult application requirements into long- lasting solutions. Our manufacturing plants are based at Greater Noida (Delhi NCR), India.